Submission #2

“I am not sure if your role is limited to inside the fence at Aliso.  If it is, then please just let me know.  If not, residents have asked me about the public notice they found on this website which is a published SoCalGas press release about pipe inspection work to be done on a street in Granada Hills.  People are asking why this is being done now in a residential street when school is in session and not during the summer break.  If this is necessary, then is it really just an inspection as the press release says?  How can one get the proper information?  You can understand that neither the community nor I trust an answer from SoCalGas’ customer-service people, so I am asking others who may know.”

SAFETY OMBUDSMAN RESPONSE: My role is limited exclusively to the Aliso Canyon facility.   Unfortunately I am not able to offer you any insight into the work being performed by SoCalGas.